What to Expect

The overview below should give you a general idea of what to expect when you visit us. If you prefer, there is a video version at the bottom of the page.

Online Bible Study

Our online Bible study consists of prayer, truly interactive discussions and line by line, verse by verse, Bible study. Our goal is to engage with one another in a way that fosters individual and community growth in the faith and strengthens believers with actionable information and resources for everyday life. No prior experience with the Bible or even in the faith is required. We encourage anyone seeking a deeper relationship with Christ who is looking for more than what they might get from a typical Sunday or Wednesday in church to attend.

Face to Face/In Person Worship Services

Please note: we look forward to resuming in person worship services in the future. However, at the present time, many of our members are separated by significant distances. We hope to integrate our online Bible study with regular in person worship services in the future.


Our emphasis is on substance rather than appearance. For that reason, everything we do revolves around sharing a deeply spiritual experience through:

  • Concentrated scripture study
  • Highly interactive discussions
  • Focused, authentic prayer

Our intent is to more closely follow the first century house church or small church model. So, your experience with us will more closely resemble a Bible study, small group or cell group than a traditional church service. We recognize that this format is not something everyone will want in their experience. However, for those who are looking for something different (not new) and deep, this is the way to make that happen. We believe the more we focus on the Word of God, the more we see change in our own lives and the better prepared we are to be a force for change in our communities.


We pray aloud and corporately (together) because there is power in agreement and power when we come together in Jesus’ name. Jesus said, “Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven.” We also highly value the time we share together as it provides an opportunity for us to pray for one another as the Bible instructs – sometimes we anoint with oil and lay hands on those who have specific needs such as for healing or a significant move of God in their lives.

Operation of Spiritual Gifts

Depending on your experience and what you may have been told, the operation of spiritual gifts can sometimes be a controversial or uncomfortable subject. We recognize that many well-respected pastors and theologians have vehemently argued these gifts are not for believers of this day and age. However, our goal at Life Christian Fellowship is to remain faithful to our Lord by thinking, believing and acting in a way that is consistent with scripture. That said, scripture shows us unequivocally that these gifts were and are intended for use and operation now.

For that reason, we allow the Spirit of God to move in our midst through the gifts He made available to all believers described in God’s Word. We encourage you study the scriptures and conduct your own research on this subject. For example Mark 16:17-19, Romans 12:3-8, 1 Peter 4:10-11 and the entire chapters of 1 Corinthians 12 – 14. Taken as a whole, and in context, 1 Corinthians 12-14 is very clear as to what these gifts are, their use and applicability today.

Worship Experience

Worship is more than music and more than singing. Music can facilitate worship but worship is much, much more. When we worship (whether we are singing together or not) you may see the lifting of hands in praise to God, clapping as a means of praise, or other exuberant outward expressions of joy, faith and gratitude toward God. We don’t want to inhibit authentic, Christ-centered worship by imposing external or societal ideas of how we should conduct ourselves in public spaces. Instead, we want to pursue the full measure of God’s presence in the worship experience.

If you have questions about these topics or anything else, please… feel free to ask.
We look forward seeing you.

Life Christian Fellowship